Health Certificates

Take Your Pet on Your Next Journey

Meeting Your Documentation Needs

Are you planning to bring your pet into another country? Most countries require that your pet have a health certificate stating that the animal has been examined by a veterinarian and has received all the necessary testing, vaccinations and treatments. Each country sets its own requirements. Many states also require an official certificate for moving animals into that state. In addition, most commercial airlines require a health certificate for travel.

Obtaining the relevant documentation may take some time, so be sure to contact Halo At Home as soon as possible to get the process rolling. We work with GlobalVetLink, an online regulatory compliance platform for managing animal health and movement, to provide international health certificates and domestic travel certificates, including for travel to Hawaii. 

Among the services we offer are:

  • Obtaining blood samples for required lab work, such as rabies titers
  • Providing medications needed for travel based on your destination
  • Examining your pet to prescribe the right sedation for comfortable travel