About Us

A Range of Traveling Veterinary Services

Your Local In-Home Veterinarian

Halo At Home is a traveling veterinary service offering specific veterinary services within the comfort of your home. We do not provide any services in a clinical setting. Our company currently provides telehealth consultations regarding your pet’s quality of life, euthanasia and cremation, health certifications for travel and services specific to dog breeders. We plan to add services as we grow, so be sure to check back often!

Halo At Home is owned and operated by caring, empathetic partners Dr. Cindy Hooper and Ashley Stevenson, RN. They created this business upon realizing that many pet owners desire access to in-home veterinary services.  As our primary veterinarian, Dr. Hooper performs most of our house call services, while Ms. Stevenson ably manages the company.