Breeder & Dog Show Services

Vet Services for Responsible Breeders and Handlers

We Bring Our Technology to Your Location

For those who breed or show dogs, an on-site vet who meets your needs where you are is invaluable. We perform the required testing during our visit to your home or show location.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Litter pre-purchase exams, during which the vet takes each dog’s history, performs a thorough physical examination, checks for fleas and ticks, and may update immunizations and/or prescribe parasite preventives.
  • OFA thyroid testing identifies dogs that are appropriate for breeding programs and collects data on the genetic disease autoimmune thyroiditis. We send the blood samples to Michigan State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, while the owner submits payment separately to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).
  • OFA dentition testing involves an exam by a licensed veterinarian to determine whether the dog’s adult teeth are fully erupted, identify any persistent deciduous teeth and note any missing teeth. A breed registry number is issued for each dog found to be normal with all adult teeth fully erupted.
  • Brucellosis multiplex testing is performed prior to breeding. The intent is to identify any evidence of Brucella infection prior to introducing dogs into group settings, thus preventing the spread of these bacteria. Samples are submitted to Cornell University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for diagnosis.

Please contact us regarding pricing for breeder and dog show services.