Grief Resources

Moving Forward After the Loss of Your Pet

Your pet is a special member of your family, so when your furry companion dies, you are naturally grief stricken. As with the death of any family member, such a huge loss hits you hard. Even when it is expected and your pet experienced the best end-of-life care possible, a loss of this magnitude may require professional grief support before you can move on with your life.

How to Deal with the Loss of a Cherished Pet

We are privileged to offer you a number of resources dedicated to helping people deal with the loss of their beloved pet:

Rainbow Bridge Grief Support Center Pet Loss Resources

Compiled by a professional Pet Loss and Grief Counselor, this list provides contact information for pet loss support hotlines throughout the country.

Rainbow Bridge Grief Support Center

This site includes links to the Pet Loss Forum, Pet Loss Chat room, information on coping with the loss of a pet and helping children grieve, ways to memorialize your pet and much more.

Rainbow Bridge Grief Support Center Child Activity Book

This useful workbook contains activities and information to help children cope with pet loss and understand what they are feeling during this challenging time.

The Pet Loss Support Page

This extensive list of pet loss resources in Illinois includes hotlines, support groups, counselors, in-home euthanasia/hospice care providers and cemeteries/crematories.

For Those Having Trouble Coping with Pet Loss

Grief is to be expected after the loss of your cherished pet. However, some people find themselves unable to move forward on their own. We suggest you look into obtaining mental/behavioral health support from a qualified pet loss grief counselor. Such people can be found online through a local Google search or on the Illinois page of the Pet Loss Support site.

While uncommon, some pet owners are so depressed and in such pain after their loss, that they have suicidal thoughts. If you or someone you love is struggling and considering self-harm, call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988 immediately or your local non-emergency resource center. In case of emergency, please call 911 ASAP.