Euthanasia & Cremation

Say Goodbye from the Comfort of Your Home

Humane Euthanasia at Home

Halo At Home offers gentle, peaceful euthanasia within the comfort of the pet’s home, as well as transportation of your beloved pet’s remains. Unfortunately, we cannot provide these services to pets with behavioral issues or a recent history of biting.

Is the Time Right for Euthanasia?

This may be the most difficult decision a pet owner needs to make. With Halo At Home, you are not alone. Together, we discuss your pet’s quality of life so you make an informed and caring decision. We can also examine and discuss your companion’s physical and mental condition. Here are some of the questions we need to address:

  • How old is your pet?
  • Is he or she no longer acting normally?
  • Has your pet been sick or diagnosed with an incurable condition? Does your financial situation prohibit extensive medical treatment?
  • Does he or she vomit, tremble, seize or sleep more than usual?
  • Does the pet appear to be depressed, dull or in pain?
  • Is your pet not eating or drinking the way it did previously?
  • Does you pet avoid playing, or seem uninterested in interacting with family members?
  • Is he or she not moving well or noticeably less active than before? Does he or she need assistance in moving around?
  • Does your pet have diarrhea or trouble urinating?
  • How would you rate your pet’s overall quality of life on a scale from poor to good?

The angels at Halo At Home will help you weigh the pros and cons of your pet’s condition. If you then decide it’s time for euthanasia, we are here to help.

How to Prepare for the Procedure

Set out old towels, blankets or a pet bed in a comfortable area of your home, such as your pet’s favorite room or couch. The towel or blanket will help collect any leakage that may occur when the muscles relax. Our doctor will begin by administering an injectable sedative to help your pet relax until the final medication is given. After the procedure, the blanket, towel or pet bed will be used to transfer your pet to the stretcher, and will go with your pet to the crematory. It will not be returned.

Should Your Children Be Present?

While this is a good time to talk to your children about death, grief and the circle of life, some children will not want to be present during the procedure. Or, they may wish to be there to say their goodbyes until the sedation is given. This should be their decision, made with your guidance. Only you know the level of maturity of your children. We offer you access to resources to help you and your children cope with this loss. 

This may be your young child’s first experience with death, so honesty is important. Don’t say that the animal was “put to sleep”; he or she needs to understand that the pet is not coming back. Accept their feelings, don’t discourage crying and try to keep them busy afterward. Encouraging children to talk about their pet, make a memorial or hold a remembrance service is often helpful.

About Your Pet’s Cremation

Halo At Home collaborates with a reputable, licensed crematory that treats pets with respect. Our veterinarian transports your pet directly to the crematory technician. A stringent identification policy ensures that you receive your pet’s ashes. The cremation takes about three days, after which a staff member will contact you to arrange the pickup and return of your pet’s cremated remains to your family. You may pick them up yourself or you can arrange to have the cremains/ashes delivered to your home for a fee.

Check out the Moss Family Funeral Homes pet services to learn more about our partner in private pet cremation. This west suburban funeral home allows you to post pet obituaries on its website. For an additional fee, the staff will make a clay paw print impression of your beloved pet to keep as a memento. You won’t find a more caring pet cremation staff than that at Moss Family Paws.